Doggy Bathroom x Keith Haring Mats

While we love every piece in the Doggy Bathroom x Keith Haring collection and never play favourites, the mats are a striking statement that is not only functional for your pet’s everyday use but always will catch anyone’s eye – including your dog’s. Our Doggy Bathroom mats add a touch of luxury, and in this case art, into any space. Available in three signature artist collections, the Doggy Bathroom x Keith Haring Mats are made from an upgraded fabric that is gentle and soft to the touch featuring Haring’s art. Printed using eco-ink, our pigments are certified to be chemical-free, gentle and safe for everyone, including pets. 

Red Collection

For those who gravitate towards vibrant colours, the Red collection features a selection of Haring’s most effervescent artwork, including the red heart, signature motifs and Barking Dog, coming together to embody the love and friendship shared between people and their pups. The three interchangeable mats peak your interest with a bold use of red balanced with black and white symbolic designs. 

The first mat depicts a story of two people holding up a bright red heart. We’ve interpreted this piece to represent the love that humans share with their loyal companions.

From our perspective, the abstract piece represents a cityscape possibly resembling a favela somewhere in Brazil, inspired by Haring’s 1989 piece named after the country in which he would visit annually. The red frame outlining the motif helps contain the  movement within the art which appears to bring together a sense of peace and organisation.

The Barking Dog in the red backdrop tells a story of our vibrant, expressive best friends for our most maximal minimalist design enthusiasts.

Black Collection

Offering a different variation of the motifs and artwork from the Red collection, the Black Collection demonstrates a contrasting appearance to Haring’s artwork using his iconic pop art, including the heart, Barking Dog, and abstract motifs. These pieces continue building on the story of timeless friendship, making it the perfect pairing between you and your beloved pup. 

The black strokes on white background create harmony – appearing like visual music. Its repeating shapes create a balance bringing together to life a melody that’s smooth and serene. Just like yin and yang, the black and white represent balance in life with the white heart representing warmth and positivity. We’ve reinterpreted the Barking Dog icon as a lone wolf however, in our case, never alone. Barking in confidence, the Dog is brave, fearless, and a protector. 

Black & White Collection 

If you’re a connoisseur, or maybe discovering Keith Haring’s art for the first time, you might like to learn about some of his other works - which to some, might be more subtle. The Black and White collection is a curated grouping of Haring’s winding motifs which are, by far, the most delicate of the three. These mats are so gorgeous you’ll want one in every room. 

Telling a rich story of Haring’s art, the three mats featured in this collection utilise similar motifs in different ways. Haring was known for his line drawings, featured in the collection, using ink and other mediums such as chalk. He loved drawing these motifs underground in NYC's subway stations and on vacant advertising billboards. He also painted similar line drawings on famed Grace Jones in nightclubs, music videos, and parties which became iconic moments in the 1980s along with other artists like Basquiat, Andy Warhol and even Madonna. Balancing primitive ideas and hip hop, Haring’s art has lived on subway walls, ink on skin, and prints on walls. 

© Keith Haring Foundation Licensed by Artestar, New York


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