7 Ways to Train Your Dog to Use the Doggy Bathroom

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re likely the proud owner of a brand new Doggy Bathroom. This is an exciting step for both you and your pup, giving them the independence to use the bathroom easily when they naturally need to. While your dog is getting used to its Doggy Bathroom, here are seven easy ways to train your dog to use the Doggy Bathroom.

1 - Let them mark their territory

Have you ever noticed that when you go on a walk, your dog tends to always go in the same spot? That’s because they’ve marked their territory and are searching for their scent. This same routine can be achieved with the Doggy Bathroom. Once they’ve left their scent, then the Doggy Bathroom is officially marked as their own and they’ll use it over and over again.

2 - Layer your pee pads-

For the stubborn dog, we’ve had success when we layered a used pee pad underneath a new one, leading your furry friend to the scent when it’s their time to go. This will encourage your dog to use their Doggy Bathroom but ensure that their paws are only on top of a fresh pee pad.

3 - Help your doggy get inside

For smaller dogs and young puppies, finding their way inside the Doggy Bathroom might be your first hurdle. After a long walk or shortly after a puppy eats or drinks, lead them to the Doggy Bathroom to encourage them to use it. Some smaller puppies eliminate between 5 to 30 minutes after drinking, making this the perfect time to try out their new ensuite.

4 - Start with the base first

While your puppy is small, using just the base with a pee pad can help them get used to using the Doggy Bathroom. Gradually, as your dog grows and becomes more accustomed to it, you can add on the enclosure and give them the full Doggy Bathroom experience.

5 - Switch out the pee pads

While you’ll want this to be a temporary solution to ensure your Doggy Bathroom stays easy to clean, switching out the pee pads with a patch of grass or turf may help make the transition from outside to inside easier by giving them a more familiar texture under their paws at the start.

6 - Reward your pup’s good behaviour

Rewarding your dog for using the Doggy Bathroom might be just the trick you need to turn it into a habit. By using phrases like “go potty”, offering positive reinforcement and giving the occasional treat when your dog uses their Doggy Bathroom will help turn it into a habit. As time goes by, keep up the praise but decrease the treats so that the pup doesn’t become reliant on them.

7 - Plan a puppy party

Dogs tend to be territorial animals. Invite a few of your furry friends over for a puppy party and one of the dogs is bound to wander over to the Doggy Bathroom and give it a go. Your puppy will be attracted to the other dog’s scent and will find its way over to it as well. Hopefully, after the paw-ty is finished, your dog will continue to use their Doggy Bathroom regularly.

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