How to Attract Your Dog to Use The Doggy Bathroom

Hey everyone! Sterling back again. If you are in need of tips to get your dog to use the Doggy Bathroom, look no further! I’ve got the best tips in town right from my owner.

Placing a used pee pad or better yet - another dog’s used pee pads is the best bet. Marking another dog’s pee spot is a powerful attractor for getting your dog to mark their territory over another's. Trust me, I’m a dog! If you have a dog owner friend, ask them!

Start with a lightly used pee pad, but if it's not enough, use one that's heavily soiled with pee. Place their used pee pad under a new one near the Doggy Bathroom, and move it closer and closer until they are inside. Bring their attention to the fact that their pee pad is there frequently, so they remember. 

Patience is crucial, and all dogs are different. Some take to it right away, while others can take up to a week, or more. It requires work from both you and your pup. Once they get it, make sure to give them lots of treats!

Love, Sterling.

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