Does Your Dog Think The Doggy Bathroom Is a Crate?

Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Sterling.

As cozy as the Doggy Bathroom is, it’s definitely not for your dog to lie in! Although, I must admit it could be confusing. The trick is to implement some training practices that will make sure your dog knows it’s a potty.

My owner is a firm believer that a dog’s eating, sleeping, and potty space should be far apart or clearly separated. If they lie down in it, immediately get them out. This can be prevented by placing a used pee pad inside under a new pee pad, as the scent will signal them.

Also, when you are familiarizing them with the Doggy Bathroom by placing them inside, use your potty command so they associate the space with potty time. After giving all of these cues, your dog should be able to recognize that it is for pottying!

Hope this article helped. Come back if you have more questions!

Love, Sterling.


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