Installation Guide

→ Download the Installation Guide

1. Position base in the desired location.

2. Gently place the Doggy Bathroom inside the base.

3. If you are planning on making use of the vertical pee pads, follow these instructions to snap the rails into place.

  • Stand over the Doggy Bathroom
  • Position one rail over the edge of Doggy Bathroom
  • Place the palm of your hand over the rail
  • Press down firmly over the front, followed by the back and then the centre of the rail until you feel and hear a snap.
  • Repeat on both sides
  • To remove the rails, place both hands on rail and firmly peel back

4. Line bottom with one pee pad.  If you are using Doggy Bathroom pee pads, you don't need to peel back the adhesive strip for the bottom pee pad.

5. For leg lifters: remove paper from the adhesive strip and affix or clip one pee pad onto each rail.

6. Place the mat in front of the opening.

7.  Et, voilà!


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