Top Tips for Potty Training Chihuahuas

Hi guys! It’s Sterling here, and today we’re going to be talking about house training tips for chihuahuas! So cute! They might not be so cute when they are peeing all over your carpet though… Chihuahuas are notoriously difficult to potty train, with a sensitive nature that requires a very patient owner.

This time, I have two chihuahua friends, Eddie (@eddie.thechihuahua) and Salvador (@salvadorthechihuahua) to help us out with their house breaking stories!

Tip 1: Start Indoors

Salvador: Start with a pee pad or other indoor solution - because when I was a puppy I didn’t feel safe going in the cold, rain, or snow! Once I felt safe I graduated to outside only.

Chihuahuas can feel small and vulnerable outdoors, making them resistant to letting themselves go outside. You can start with them indoors fully or alternate between two specific indoor and outdoor locations. 

Tip 2: Pay Attention

Eddie: It’s important to look for the signs I need to go. If I am suddenly sniffing around or turning in circles then it’s time to take me to my toilet spot!

Tip 3: Crate Training

Salvador: Crate training seals the deal! Crate training really helped me gain structure and get into a routine. Eventually, I didn’t need the crate anymore!

Chihuahuas won't use the bathroom in the same crate where they sleep and rest, so if they have to use the bathroom, they will try to hold it until you let them outside. This is a good moment to train them! Eventually, they won’t have to wait using the Doggy Bathroom so it will all be worth it!


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