Top Tips for Potty Training Italian Greyhounds

Welcome! It’s Sterling, back again with more house training tips to help you and your doggy better understand each other.

Today, we’re going to be learning all about Italian Greyhounds. I’m an expert because that’s my breed! As indoor dogs, we love to use the Doggy Bathroom, especially during the winter time because sometimes, it just gets too cold to go outside. 

To get some extra tips, I decided to interview my fashionable friend, Tika (@tikatheiggy). 

Tip 1: Bring Attention to Pee Pad

Tika: The more often you go/bring attention to the pee pads, the less accidents there are.

As smaller dogs, we definitely have smaller bladders causing us to pee often! Remind us on the regular that there are pee pads around the home that we can use, and it will stick for the next time we need to go.

Tip 2: Positive Reinforcement 

Tika: Positive reinforcement works way better than negative.

We Italian greyhounds sure love attention! So when you give us positive reinforcement, it will motivate us to keep doing a good job by using pee pads.

Tip 3: Privacy 

Tika: Place the pad in a private area, to give privacy. We’ll be more likely to go if we feel safe and secure.

Although we love being surrounded by people, when Italian greyhounds need to pee, we much prefer to do it in private!


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