Training your dog to use the Doggy Bathroom

Some pet owners shy away from “new” products for their pooches because they don’t want to invest the time that is needed to teach them how to use it. Unfortunately, this is the case with any new product and the Doggy Bathroom is no exception.  Here are a few good tips to keep in mind during training... but before you continue, make sure to read this training information first. Done? Alright, let's get started.

Marking their territory: Similar to a dog litter box, the Doggy Bathroom is easy to use, and most dogs take it to almost immediately. It usually only takes a few tries before they get the hang of it.  And besides, once they’ve left their “mark” in the Doggy Bathroom, ownership is claimed and they will make it their usual spot all day, every day, from then on.

For the stubborn pup: If your dog is a little more headstrong and doesn’t take to our dog litter box right away, another trick we’ve picked up is putting used pee pads underneath the new ones. If you have another pet or a furry friend who uses the Doggy Bathroom (or pee pads), use their damp pee pads with the new ones to encourage them to follow suit. 

For the really stubborn dog: And, if all else fails, invite over some canine friends and have other dogs mark the Doggy Bathroom. Pups are always attracted to other dogs’ scents – let your Doggy Bathroom become the temporary “fire hydrant” of the house where all the pups want to “go.” 

Reinforce: Make sure you have treats to reward your pet when they properly use their dog litter box. This could be the key to it becoming routine.

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