Transitioning From Pee Pads to the Doggy Bathroom

Welcome to the Doggy Bathroom family! I’m Sterling, nice to meet you! 🐾
If you clicked on this title I’m guessing your dog was using pee pads, but either it was way too smelly or they started to lift their legs like me and made a huge mess!

Been there, done that. 

Since I was already using pee pads when my dad got me the Doggy Bathroom, I loved it right away, while some of my friends who were't potty trained took a few days to transition. If your dog hasn’t been potty-trained at all, read our training tips article for some easy steps that will help! Do note that it will take longer to adjust if they have never been potty trained!
If they’re already used to pee pads, follow these tips to help them get comfortable with their new friend. 

      1. Install your Doggy Bathroom in your chosen spot. Let your dog sniff it and grow accustomed to its presence.
      2. Familiarize your dog with it by placing them inside and rewarding them with a treat after.
      3. Attract your dog to the Doggy Bathroom by placing our scented pee pads or one of their used pee pads inside. If that doesn't work, put it near by and gradually move it closer until it is inside. 
      4. Don’t let your dog lie down in it as they might think it’s a crate!
      5. Signal them to pee in the Doggy Bathroom by using your toileting command while directing them to the Doggy Bathroom.
      6. Separate the base from the enclosure if they are still hesitant to go all the way in. Once they get used to the base, then introduce the enclosure.

Remember, this process will take some time and effort from both you and your doggy. But once they get it, the benefits will be great! Patience is key.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email for more personalized tips from our customer service representatives! We are always here to help ease the transition. 


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