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How often do I have to replace the pads?

It’s recommended that solid waste is picked up and disposed of as soon as your dog eliminates. Most dogs prefer a clean bathroom, so it’s recommended that the pad are replaced needed to keep it fresh like you normally would.

How do I clean the Doggy Bathroom?

Simply wipe it down with a cleaning wipe or damp cloth.  Our pee pads also have baking soda embedded into them which helps break down any odour after usage. You can even take it outside and hose it down.

Is it available in other colours?

We decided to make the Doggy Bathroom white to keep unwanted debris visible, giving you the opportunity to keep it clean.  Meanwhile, the mats will be released in new colours and new prints seasonally.  The base will eventually be offered in different colours as well.

Why do I need the base?

First of all, it looks cool!  Kidding aside, it’s made with a rubberized plastic that stabilizes the Doggy Bathroom and secures in place.  Simply drop the Doggy Bathroom into the base and you're good to go.

Does the Doggy Bathroom replace walking my dog outside?

No. Every dog needs exercise and to socialize with other dogs.  Many people use pee pads so their dog won’t get uncomfortable holding it in when they are at work, stuck in traffic, or asleep in the middle of the night. This is especially true for elderly, sick and disabled pets and parents or anyone with mobility limitations or living in a condo where direct outdoor access can be limited.  The Doggy Bathroom is a tool, to serve as a convenient dog litter box, especially for male dogs who lift their legs.

Can any dog use the Doggy Bathroom?

The Doggy Bathroom is designed for dogs weighing less than 20 pounds that currently use pee pads and/or for training puppies.  The Doggy Bathroom is not recommended for dogs that exceed the weight limit.

Can I use my own pee pads?

Yes. Every Doggy Bathroom comes with a set of 6 clips in case you’d like to use your own pee pads to hang them vertically.

Why are Doggy Bathroom pee pads better?

We don’t mean to brag but here’s a list…

  • Scented to entice dogs to use them
  • Turns liquid into gel
  • Modern and stylish look
  • Custom fitted for the Doggy Bathroom
  • Optional adhesive strip to secures them vertically onto the rails
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Made with biodegradable materials

We designed our pee pads to fit perfectly inside the Doggy Bathroom in order to maximize efficiency all while using the least amount of raw material as possible.  It uses approximately the same amount of plastic than a typical pick-up bag that you would use to pick up after your dog outside.

Where will I buy Doggy Bathroom pee pads?

On our website.  And - you’ll even have the option to subscribe and save!


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