“Our goal is to encourage dog ownership because we believe a well-balanced life includes man's best friend.”

Meet the Team

Alain is an award-winning designer based in Montreal, Quebec. As the creator and founder of the Doggy Bathroom, he's created a product that makes pet ownership cleaner and easier. It’s the only dog litter box on the market for small breeds that keeps everything in one, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, sleekly designed space.

Sterling is a pup with purpose. He is the inspiration behind the Doggy Bathroom and leads our testing and development team at our head office in Montreal. He is an avid sunbather but hates cold winters. Stuffed animals: beware.

Liam is a rescue pup and Sterling’s nephew. He is the head of the customer service department at Doggy Bathroom and loves interacting with people. You can always catch him sleeping under a blanket or snuggling with others. Evidently, he’s a Pisces.

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