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Listen to your doggy.



We are often asked how long it takes for a dog to learn how to use the Doggy Bathroom. The answer:  A new dog who is accustom to using pee pads will typically successfully make use of the Doggy Bathroom within a day or two.  Adapting a dog who has never used a pee pad can be somewhat challenging, although not impossible...just needs a little extra love and patience.  Our pee pads also have a special scent built into them to attract our furry little friends to use them.

Product instructions

1. Position base in the desired location.

2. Gently place the Doggy Bathroom inside the base.

3. If you are planning on making use of the vertical pee pads, follow these instructions to snap rails into place.

a) Stand over Doggy Bathroom

b) Place rail over edge of Doggy Bathroom

c) Place the palm of your hand over the rail and firmly press down on it until you hear and feel a snap.  Begin by pressing down on the  front, followed by the back and then the centre.

d) Repeat on both sides

e) To remove the rails, place both hands on rail and firmly peel back.

4. Line bottom with one pee pad.  If you are using Doggy Bathroom pee pads, you don't need to peel back the adhesive strip for the bottom pee pad.

5. For leg lifters: remove paper from the adhesive strip and affix or clip one pee pad onto each rail.

6. Place the mat in front of the opening.

7.  Et, voilà!


• Familiarize your dog with their new ensuite by placing them inside the new dog litter box periodically throughout the day.  Caution: lots of sniffing may occur! 

• Praise & reward your dog when they successfully do their business inside the dog litter box.

• If your dog accidentally eliminates somewhere other than in their dog litter box, quickly place them inside and offer some words of encouragement. Never punish your dog for missing the target.

• To increase your chances of success, make sure to reward your pet when they use it correctly.  A little incentive never hurts!

• If your dog is used to pee pads in open areas, gradually move your dog's pee pad closer to the Doggy Bathroom and eventually work their way inside the dog litter box so they become more familiar with it.

• Replace pee pads as needed.

• Machine wash mats as needed.

• Place your Doggy Bathroom in an area that your dog will remember. If you travel with it, show your fur baby where you’ve put it so they know where to go when they need it.

• Caution: Tails will wag!

Do less for more

Register online to receive your monthly subscription of our custom fitted pee pads delivered right to your doggy door. Using just your fingertips, subscribe, save and replace pee pads in just seconds.

Easy to use, easier to love.


Daily exercise is a critical part of your doggy's overall health and wellbeing.  Your doggy will still need to remain active and have access to lots of play time and exercise.  While the Doggy Bathroom is a great dog litter box, it is a tool and should not be used as a replacement for daily walks.


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