Starter Kit

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  • Doggy Bathroom
  • 60 pee pads
  • 6 mats 

Doggy Bathroom

Your dog can freely walk into their bathroom, turn around, choose a side to lift his leg or squat to eliminate. Our male Doggy Bathroom is outfitted with rails on either side to securely hold our custom pee pads vertically. The female Doggy Bathroom is designed just the same but without the rails. Simply lay down one of our perfectly-fitted pee pads. The base is from a light rubberized material to keep the Doggy Bathroom securely in place.

  • High-quality antibacterial plastic
  • Recyclable
  • Interchangeable between male and female users

Pee Pads

Doggies can use their private bathroom whenever they want. Simply replace the custom fitted pee pads to freshen up as needed.  One size fits both sides and bottom.  One pad runs down each side and onto the floor by a few inches for extra protection.

  • Flash-gel technology
  • Adhesive for vertical holding
  • Scented attractant for dogs
  • Baking soda eliminates odours


    Keep your floors pristine with the plush Welcome Mat, made from washable, absorbent microfibre terrycloth. At the entrance to the Doggy Bathroom, the mat is gentle and soft to the touch so your doggy will love to enter and exit the bathroom whenever the urge strikes. New colours and patterns will be released seasonally to coordinate with your own personal environment.

    • Fast absorbing microfibre fabric
    • Outfitted with rubber dots on the back to keep them securely in place
    • Machine washable 

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