MT-GD-LG-01 $19.99

I love your home!

Keep your floors pristine with our custom mats, made from washable, absorbent microfibre terrycloth. At the entrance to the Doggy Bathroom, the mat is gentle and soft to the touch so your doggy will love to enter and exit the bathroom whenever the urge strikes. New colours and patterns will be released seasonally to coordinate with your own personal environment.


    Wash in cold water and lay flat to try.  The mats will become soft and souple after a few washes.  Once air dried, simply flatten them out with your hands or with a lint brush as needed. 


      • Soft touch, fast absorbing microfibre terrycloth
      • Rubber dots on backing secures mat in place
      • Machine washable
      • 3-pack includes 1 Black mat, 1 Grey mat, 1 Taupe mat