At Doggy Bathroom, our community goes beyond dogs and we are committed to creating a better world for everyone and every *pet*. We are passionate in using our platform to help others and give back to the community.

In 2022, our goal is to donate

In collaboration with

Think outside the litter box.

Each year, over five billion pounds of returned goods end up in U.S. landfills which inspired us to create our 'No landfill Policy'. We challenged ourselves to think outside the litter box to find a way to further minimize our carbon footprint (or paw print). In the process, we came up with some creative ways to reinvent our products and give them new life to help animals in need.

Unsellable Doggy Bathrooms are given new purpose and transformed into animal beds or, when turned upside down - pet houses for small animals in need to provide extra comfort in their most vulnerable situations. In some cases, we’ve converted our products into litter boxes for geriatric cats and in some cases, knitting boxes for expecting feline mothers.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at BedGear to provide us with their unsellable pillows to help us along with our donation program and reduce the amount of returns sent to landfills. Applicants are invited to submit their candidacy by filling out the form below.

In 2021, we raised over: $11,000 for Breast Cancer related charities.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Doggy Bathroom believes in social responsibility and the impact a business can have on a community. Since 2020, breast cancer has become the most common form of cancer worldwide. There is a pressing need for more awareness and breast cancer research. We are pleased to announce that Doggy Bathroom donates all the proceeds for #PinkOctober from all our ‘Pink’ products - including the ‘Pink’ Doggy Bathroom Starter Kit and ‘Pink’ Base to Breast Cancer Awareness initiatives annually. In its inaugural year, we raised over 11k for the cause. #Switch2Pink #thinkpink #pinktober

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