No landfill policy

We take responsibility in supporting our community and the environment. This includes how we process our returns. We have a no landfill policy and as a result, instead of disposing of any returned items, we recycle and/or upcycle all of our returned and damaged items and donate them to animal shelters or sanctuaries.

Reusability and recyclability

The Doggy Bathroom is made of 100% recyclable plastic. Our high-quality plastic is white in color, which makes it the easiest materials to recycle. The Doggy Bathroom can be passed down from dog to dog and can be adapted from male to female by simply adding or removing the rails.

Our packaging is made from recycled brown paper and clear PE plastic bags, meaning it can all be recycled. We created custom packaging that is minimal, lightweight and recyclable to help minimize emissions and waste.

We also avoid mixed and toxic materials and eliminate unnecessary layers or extra boxes. When boxes are necessary, we make sure they are strong enough so they don’t have to be boxed again for shipping.

Sustainable materials

Our high-quality raw materials are sourced from the United States and is white in colour, which makes it the easiest material to recycle. A traceability system for finished goods permits us to trace production lots at all times and, when applicable, raw material tracking based on UL746D requirements. Our packaging is constructed of recycled paper materials and can be recycled again and again.

Sustainable Distribution

We make as many strides as possible to be environmentally responsible, and that includes shipping. The Doggy Bathroom was designed to be stacked and, as a result, is much more economical to ship and store as we can stack up to 22 Doggy Bathrooms on the same footprint. The lightweight material also makes shipping and transporting as easy as can be.

In 2021, Doggy Bathroom acquired a new 5,000 square foot warehouse in New Hampshire, USA. Until recently, order fulfilment was outsourced to a third party logistics company.

The decision to move to a self-fulfillment business model is the result of the steady growth following our decision to relocate manufacturing to Montreal, Canada where our head office is. New Hampshire was the ideal location considering it’s close proximity to Montreal where Doggy Bathrooms are manufactured and exported allowing us to meet our goals to reduce our carbon footprint.

Canadian and international orders continue to be fulfilled from our Montreal warehouse, which is conveniently located in very close proximity to the city’s international airport (YUL). The shift has allowed us to build a closer and direct relationship with our clients.

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